Thursday, June 30, 2011

Menu Friday July 1

Daily special: Rachel's Ricotta, our homemade Strawberry Jam (berries from Giamarese Farm), peppercorn lavash cracker and basalmic reduction- a sweet and savory conconction destined to wake up your tastebuds as a dessert OR starter

Lunch Specials:
Indian potato patties with cilantro chutney
Alloo Bhaji- Potatoes, tomato and Indian spices served with basmati rice

Dinner specials: (available beginning at 5 pm)
Meatloaf, potato au gratin, sauteed garlicky greens
Teriyaki tofu with brown rice and broccoli

Tortilla Soup - grilled corn, black beans and tomato topped with crunchy tortilla strips (v)

Better World Salad- organic tofu, brown rice, loads of veggies, citrus sesame dressing, topped with crunchy tamari almonds (v)

Roasted Vegetables- roasted tender baby veggies, carrot, beet, radish over crisp lettuce

Better World Dog- all natural hot dog (no nitrates, antibiotics or preservatives) served with carmelized onions on a whole wheat bun

Roasted Beet, Butternut Squash And Goat Cheese with greens and basalmic reduction

Fabulous 4th Cupcake: Red velvet, cream cheese frosting, blue sparkly sprinkles
brownie with whipped cream and caramel sauce
Chiffon cake with orange glaze


This week, we welcome volunteers from The Rutgers Future Scholars program and Mitzvah Core, two great programs that get teens involved with volunteer service and job training. We also welcome Eugene, our new extern from Promise Culinary School.

Friday, June 24, 2011

Cafe Menu for Friday 6/24/11

Cafe hours today 11 am - 9 pm. Dinner specials begin at 5 pm.

Today's Menu
Quiche Du Jour: Zucinni or broccoli

Hot: Chicken Meatball

Cold: Chilled Cherry garnished with effervescent apple cider, creme fraiche

Asian Broccoli Slaw- local broccoli, radish and carrot in a ginger sesame dressing (v)

String Bean, Red Onion and Basalmic (v)

Better World Salad- Organic tofu, brown rice, shredded veggies, citrus sesame dressing topped with crunchy tamari almonds

Classic Caesar- local greens, classic caesar dressing, croutons

BWC Dog- All natural beef dog (no antibiotics/nitrates/preservatives) with carmelized onions on whole wheat bun

Turkey with chipotle mayo on ciabatta

Roasted beets with goat cheese on foccacia

Desserts: Pecan Praline Tart
Chocolate Chip, Pecan Raisin cookie
Love Bar

Dinner Specials:
Vegetable lasagna in a bechamel sauce, with garlic bread and caesar salad
Chicken lasagna with red sauce, with garlic bread and caesar salad

Vegetarian enchiladas - fire roasted corn, peppers and cheese with salsa verde, rice and bacon black beans and our baked tortilla chips

Chicken enchiladas- with salsa verde, rice, vegetarian refried beans and our baked tortilla chips

Dinner special desserts:
Strawberry shortcakes -vanilla cream biscuit, strawberry sauce, fresh whipped cream

Chocolate mint pudding

Specials thanks this week to Chef Armando Miranda for making sure our enchiladas are authentic. He worked with our evening culinary class to make the salsa verde and his secret recipe for the bacon refried black beans.

Our daytime culinary students made the amazing soups, quiches, cookies and tarts.

Our night class of culinary students made the lasagnas, broccoli slaw

Chef Chrissy Banks shared her exceptional cream biscuits

Volunteer baker, Caitlyn, made our pudding

Much of our produce this week came from Flaim Farm, Rutgers Garden, The Earth Center, and our kitchen garden at Elijah's Promise.

Thank you to everyone who makes the cafe special every week.

Bon Appetit!

Friday, June 17, 2011

Our First Friday Dinner

Menu Friday 6/17/11

Nibbles: Deviled organic egg with capers and smoked paprika

Quiche Du Jour: Asparagus, mushroom and swiss

Soup: Green Explosion (v)- Ten green and white vegetables pureed with cardamom and a touch of lemon

Better World Salad (v)- Organic tofu marinated and baked; brown rice, shredded veggies, citrus sesame dressing topped with tamari almonds

Classic Caesar- crisp local greens tossed with caesar dressing and our house croutons

Orzo salad (v)- whole wheat orzo, onion, peppers tossed with a lemon dressing

Roasted Asparagus with lemony ricotta, greens and basalmic on foccacia

Tofu Bahn Mi - Miso honey glazed tofu on a baguette with housemade pickles and greens

BWC Dog- Our awesome, all natural (no antibiotic/nitrate/preservative beef) dog grilled and served with carmelized onion on whole wheat bun

Entree specials:
Lunch: Indian chicken kabob served over rice

Vegetarian option- Lentil dal, alloo mutter and rice with pappadum and chutney
Meat option: Chicken kheeme, lentil dal and rice with pappadum and chutney

We are thankful for our amazing volunteer crew that helps prepare and serve our meals. This week's entrees were made by Francis and Shalini, two very talented Indian chefs

Our quiches, caesar, breads and desserts are made by the culinary students at Elijah's Promise Culinary School.

Many of our ingredients are sourced from local farmers. Today we thank Katonah Farm for the asparagus and Flaim Farm for swiss chard, kale and romaine lettuce. Some of this week's produce was grown and donated by Rutgers Garden and our very own Elijah's Promise kitchen garden.