Monday, February 21, 2011

February's Community Happenings

Luckily the groundhog saw his shadow and winter is coming to a close. The only thing we found to melt the snow and ice was lots of piping hot chocolate. We've missed some of our friends that have been hibernating at home waiting for spring.

Lots of things are going on lately with

Thank you's go out to:
The Ten Thousand Villages store in Highland Park which graciously hosted the Soup for the Soul fundraiser for us last month. They made a generous contribution to us.

Volunteer Sandy S. for donating our fancy new menu board and items for the culinary school wish list

Customer, Barbara H., for writing an article about A Better World Cafe to share with her fellow Middlesex County master gardeners

Trish L. and Diane B. for donating items for the culinary school wish list

Volunteer news:
Occasional volunteer, Deborah Z., has decided to join us for a regular weekly shift. You'll see her serving on Wednesday afternoons

Dan G., has increased his regular shifts with us to three times a week.

Holly, an occasional volunteer, has decided to join us to help in the kitchen every Friday morning

Francis F. has been helping us add authentic Indian flair to the menu. He shared his recipe for iced rose milk and spicy cilantro mint chutney to accompany our samosa wrap sandwich. He'll be debuting some new salads soon.

Agatha B. regularly volunteers in the kitchen and lately she's expanded to helping us bake delicious muffins and loaf breads

Jen M. is a student bound for the Culinary Institute of America, She's been working at the cafe once a week. She hopes to be a pastry chef, so we've been happy to have her bake cookies here.

Michelle still continues to wow us weekly with her vegan treats. This month we loved the heart shaped cupcakes and peanut butter potato chip cookies. Remember, you can buy her cookies every day at Nighthawk Books.

February Birthday Greetings go out to cafe volunteers and regulars this month:
Agatha B., Tim A. and Steven N.

Friday, February 18, 2011

Fancy service at the cafe

Every few months we are excited to offer you a special dining experience at the cafe when the culinary students from Promise Jobs Culinary School join us as servers.

Part of the students training is learning not only how to properly prepare food but how to serve it as well.

Please support the students on Thursday Feb. 24 for lunch in the social hall. The menu will feature special items the students prepare in the kitchen. Sit down and be treated to table service.

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Warm Up's

Come in out of the cold and warm up with our special February drinks!!

This month we are featuring our own hot chocolate. This is made using decadent dark chocolate and to top it off homemade marshmallows. The marshmallows are a special treat made by our own baking and pastry culinary students.

Monday, February 7, 2011

Our Culinary School Kitchen Wish List...

All of the staff at A Better World Cafe are proud graduates of Promise Jobs Culinary School.

Current students are responsible for producing all of our wonderful breads, pastries and occasional menu specials.

There is always a need for new equipment in the kitchen to make sure all of our students have the appropriate tools at their disposal.

Our Culinary School Kitchen Wish List...

Please help by donating these items!

For additional information on donating the item please contact us at Thank you!

Pastry Brush, Heat resistant Spatulas, Tongs Large, Tongs Small , Scissors, Serrated knives, Chef Knives, Pairing knives, Boning Knives, Flexible Slicer, Strainers minis, Steels, Wooden Spoons, Metal Spoons slotted, Metal Spoons no holes , Peelers, Melon ballers, Ice cream scoopers need, Zesters, Microplane, Measuring spoons, Measuring cup sets, Liquid measurement cups 2 cup, Liquid measurement cups 1 qt, Liquid measurement 2 qt, Large off sets, Small off set, Whisks straight small, Whisk balloon, Whisk straight medium and Whisk straight large

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