Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Thankful for Thanksgiving

A Better World Cafe would like to send a warm and gracious thank you to all of our volunteers and patrons. It has been quite an incredible year and we wouldn't be here today without your love and support!

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

While supplies last!!

Buy now at the cafe. Mason jar of our delightful cranberry ginger chutney with a decorative cloth cover - $8. Show up with this as a hostess gift for the holiday and your host will be truly thankful.

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Enjoy Our Tasty Soup This Winter in New Bowls

A Better World Cafe would like to give a special thank you to our longtime Tuesday volunteer, Arn B. for his donation of new soup bowls. Their size and shape compliment out scrumptious soups for the chillly winter! We appreciate your contribution Arn!

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Are your kids driving you crazy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The Dr is In. Come in on Thursday November 18, between 12-2, and ask your most pressing parenting questions.

ParenTime provides a support network where families can find the companionship of others who share their concerns. The staff is dedicated to helping parents and their children lead healthier, happier, more productive lives through individualized coaching, parent circles and educational workshops.
Their programs offer realistic and practical strategies for more effective parenting, as well as guidance and peace of mind for parents navigating the challenges of family life.

Dr. Aly Mandel is a child psychologist who has worked with families in home and school settings for 15 years. She is recognized in Central New Jersey for her skilled assessments and evaluations for children with school-based difficulties. Over the years, she has helped parents to raise more confident, resilient and emotionally intelligent children. Her greatest achievement and indeed her greatest passion is raising her five children.

Dr. Lynda Cunjak is a clinical psychologist in private practice in Highland Park, New Jersey. For the past 20 years she has been helping her clients to manage their anxiety, insecurities, relationships, depression and anger so they can be better parents. She is noted for her expertise in relaxation techniques, which have helped families to sleep better, eat better and feel better. She is the mother of three grown children and has seven wonderful grandchildren.

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Elijah's Promise and A Better World Cafe on Geraldine R. Dodge blog

The Geraldine R. Dodge Foundation Blog has posted about Elijah's Promise food efforts for the person and the community. It addresses Elijah's Promise commitment to buy local, fresh ingredients and it is clearly working, with seven percent of purchases at the Tri-County Auction (Central Jersey farmers’ produce market) now being made by emergency food providers. Not only are their efforts with local farmers and gardens praised but so is A Better World Cafe. To read the full blog post click here.

In collaboration with Robert Wood Johnson Medical School, Elijah's Promise will be screening the film Fresh at the soup kitchen (18 Neilson Street) November 10 at 7pm and Friday, November 12th at noon.

Another wonderful community event coming up is "Good Food For All" in New Brunswick on Saturday December 11 9am-3:30pm (lunch provided) at New Brunswick High School. Feel free to learn and discuss the opportunities and challenges for a strong local food system in New Brunswick. For more information click here.

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

TV worth watching

NJ Fresh!, the new series on NJN hosted by Megan Gunning and Barbara Seelig-Brown begins airing tonight, Tuesday, November 9 at 9:30 pm. The four-part series, which airs in November and December, features visits to four farmers markets across the state as well as side trips to several farms, exploring the connections between land, people and food.

The series begins with a visit to Hunterdon Land Trust Alliance's farmers market at Dvoor Farm, with side trips to Comeback Farm and Bobolink Dairy. Future episodes include visits to Burlington, Collingswood and Sussex Farmers Markets.

Get more details and the full series schedule here.

Friday, November 5, 2010

The Benefits of Going Vegetarian.. Even If It’s Just One Day a Week

The idea of practicing vegetarianism for some is quite torturous, who wants to give up juicy steaks and the all American cheese burger? Not many, but there is an alternative! Eating vegetarian, even part-time, benefits one’s health, the environment, and animals tremendously.

The health advantages of eating vegetarian are endless: reduce the risk of cancer and diabetes, lower the chances of cardiovascular disease, prevent bone loss, avoid and cleanse the ingestion of toxic chemicals, etc. Nearly one in two Americans are affected by heart disease; animal food is high in saturated fat and the only food that contains cholesterol, both greatly contribute to heart disease. Plants on the other hand do not hold any cholesterol but do provide powerful cholesterol lowering agents such as unsaturated fat, soluble fibers, and phytochemicals, all of which are found almost exclusively in plant foods. Adding more vegetables to your diet doesn’t only have positive internal effects; it even improves skin issues that can be exacerbated by animal food.

Consuming less meat has an amazing impact on the environment. Animal farming uses endless amounts of natural resources to raise the animals such as fossil fuels and water. More than 1/3 of US fossil fuels go to the production of animals; according to a study in the American journal of clinical nutrition, the production of a single calorie of animal protein necessitates more than ten times the fossil fuel input as a calorie of plant protein. Water contamination and shortages are also a serious byproduct of animal production. One pound of beef entails the use of approximately 2500 gallons of water, whereas a pound of soy requires 250 gallons of water and a pound of wheat only 25 gallons. Aside from the depletion of resources, animal farming also contributes to water and soil contamination due to antibiotics and other toxins that run-off into the land and other water sources.

Many vegetarians stop eating meat because of the treatment and practices employed at animal farms. Farms are no longer free-range, sprawling pastures; most farms are now commercial businesses jam-packed with animals to fatten and package. The conditions are crowded and disease tends to be widespread with outrageous amounts of antibiotics as the answer. When eating meat try to choose products that are labeled free-range, anti-biotic free, and are organically certified. This will prevent the ingestion of toxic chemicals and contribute to more ecological and animal friendly farming practices.

Overall, taking small steps to incorporate vegetarian practices into your daily diet can have a longstanding impact. It does not have to be difficult either! Great tasting vegetarian and vegan food is very easy to come by and can allow you to feel better both physically and mentally. Meat substitutes are endless: mushrooms, tofu, wheat, nuts, soy, etc. These products are usually for sale at your local grocery store and may even have a special section. The most challenging part will be tasting them all and finding out what you like best.

If interested in more information here are some knowledgeable website for facts and recipes:

Choose Veg, Vegetarian Times, VegWeb, Food Inc., The Future of Food

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

A Better World Cafe Merchandise

You are now able to support and represent A Better World Cafe wherever you go! We have organic cotton tee-shirts, tote bags, and pins available for sale at our register daily. Gift-cards are now for sale just in time for the holidays; ten dollar gift cards can be purchased at our register and are valid for one lunch.

Monday, November 1, 2010

November monthly community bulletin


Regular volunteer, Michael S. got a job he's really happy with in October

Marvis, a culinary student from Elijah's Promise Culinary School, performed her externship with us for several weeks in October. Marvis graduated from culinary school on October 29. She plans on volunteering at the cafe regularly until she finds full time employment. (Pictured above on right)

New faces have joined our roster as regular volunteers. We welcome Sandy on Monday mornings as a server and Storey on Thursday afternoons in the kitchen

Caitlyn joins us as a baking intern until December. She's a student at a culinary school in CT. We're happy to have her on our team this fall. (Pictured above on left)

Thank You!

Vera donated popcorn

Susan K. donated confectioners sugar, brown sugar and coffee filters

Frank donated two dozen mugs

Sandy donated two dozen green serving trays which we desperately needed

Joe O. donated new tablecloths for the dining room just in time for our anniversary. They make the dining room nice and cozy for fall.

Thank you so much for the donations.