Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Friday Oct 28th Halloween-themed Menu!

Lunch of Lunacy
Spoooooky Specials:
~ Stuffed peppers with beef - so good they're scary!
~ Chana masala (a spicy, mysterious potion of curried chickpeas) with rice biryani platter

From the Cauldron:
~ Creature from the Black Bean Lagoon Soup

Supernatural Salads:
~ Better World Salad - otherworldly good! (v)
~ Freaky French lentil, butternut and feta
~ Roasted baby carrot fingers (v)
~ Creepy curried waldorf apple

~ Bewitched butternut squash with cheese of goat, ghoulish greens and ooozy balsamic reduction
~ Sausage with peppers and onions (Eye of Newt optional)
~ Growling grrrrrilled NY cheddar

Complementary Concoction:
~ Vampire slayer pasta

Death-Defying Desserts:
~ Pear and almond Franken-tart
~ Spiderweb sugar cookie
~ Spooky sweet potato pudding
~ Phantom pudding of rice with apple critters

Bewitching Brews:
~ Coffee and tea (fair trade & organic)
~ Iced unsweetened chai tea or iced coffee

Dinner of Darkness
Eerie Entrees:
~ Monster Mash Meatloaf with rotten roasted domino potatoes
~ Severed ears pasta with alarming alfredo
**Both entrees served with Vampire-Be-Gone garlicky greens

Doomed Dessert Special:
~ Chilling cheesecake of pumpkin

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